Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Must-haves for new moms

Before becoming a mom, I heard of many products that could help moms take care of her babies. Yet they made a super long list and I could not afford buying them all. Besides, there are so many brands out there in the market that could give you a headache when you decide that you want a swing for example. After four months of being a new mom, I find these products must-have for a new mom besides the must-must-have ones such as car seats, strollers, diapers, wipes, etc. Before buying these, I did substantial research online and read almost all customer reviews that I could find on Amazon, BabyCenter, BabiesRUs,, etc. So yes, please rest assured that they do work!

1. My Brest Friend Deluxe Pillow
As I breastfeed my baby exclusively, this pillow has become something I cannot do without. I use it all the time, day or night. It helps me feel so comfortable when nursing my boy and saves me from backache. If you give your baby formula, I believe this pillow could help, too. Wearing this pillow and resting your baby on it help bringing you two close to each other, and that helps with bonding.

2. Medela Breast Pump

A few days after child birth, most moms suffer from breast engorgement. I had a horrible time with it myself! While I needed to get the milk out of my breast to reduce the pain, it was hard for my baby to latch on the engorged swollen breast. This breast pump could have been a life saver. I did not have it at the time because I had not known that I would need it that soon. Now I use it before going out so that my boy can always have mommy’s milk whenever he wants. This Medela Pump can be easily moved from room to room and is convenient for travel.

3. Fisher-Price Bouncer
I received a similar Fisher-Price bouncer/rocker (which I cannot find on Amazon) as a gift for my baby. The bouncer buys my hubby and me time for dinner. And I do not know why my boy usually makes his poo-poo when he sits on the bouncer. Though sometimes it means meal interruption, I am happy that my boy has a stable poo-poo schedule. :-D

4. Fisher-Price My Little Lamb Platinum Edition

Oh, I must say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE this swing! It is a new swing and currently the most expensive one made by Fisher-Price. I chose it over others because I saw the light above and my boy loves lights. And I was right! When put in a dark room, the swing creates moons and stars flying across the walls, making the bedroom a paradise. My baby just loves being in this swing. He loves looking at the three white sheep and he talks to them all the time. There is also music or nature sound to soothe him. The swing is good for not only his day naps but also his night sleep at the beginning of the night. After he falls asleep, my hubby gently gets him out of the swing and puts him in his crib.

5. Carter’s onesies

Why Carter’s onesies? Because they fit so well! I love how they could stretch when my baby grows bigger and that they are made long so that there is enough room for his diaper. Many onesies I have are wide and short. I do not like to see my boy’s diaper tightened up as I think it would not be comfortable for him.

6. Tiny Love Play Mat

Another time-buyer for moms and dads! After doing research online, I had the assumption that Tiny Love play mat is better padded than Fisher-Price’s; so I bought this Tiny Love play mat. It works! My boy spends 20 minutes each time in this play mat and about two times per day. When he was two months old, he could only punch and kick the animals hung above. But now he is four months old; he can grab two animals with his two hands while kicking others with his legs. He also loves talking to himself in the mirror at the corner. Sometimes, I see him playing with the elephant’s ear which creates sound. The mat can be machine-washed and it dries fast.

7. Tiny Love Super Mat

Tiny Love Super Mat: Baby

ASIN: B0034G61DC

I put this mat beside the play mat so that I can join my baby’s playing. Sometimes, I let him lay on this mat and have a nap. The colors of the mat are so vibrant. It is ideal for my boy to do his tummy time.

8. Baby Carrier

When my baby needs to held but my arms are tired, I put him in Action Baby Carrier sling, which fits my petite frame so well. However, my hubby prefers his ErgoBaby carrier. I think both of them are great. They also help when my boy is sleepy but tries to resist the sleep.

9. Munchkin Arm and Hammer Diaper Pail

Soiled diapers caused bad bad bad smell in our bedroom, but the problem was solved the moment we bought this diaper pail. Its smart design which tightens the bag’s opening helps prevent the smell from coming up everything time we open the pail to put a soiled diaper in. Love this!

10. Fisher-Price Bath Tub
This is a nice tub and fits my large kitchen sink well. It also has vibration function to soothe your baby in case he is upset. However, do research before buying a bath tub to make sure that it fits your sink or your tub.

11. Monitor
This is being used 24/7. The large monitor is placed in our family room where I spend most of my time. The hand-held is put in our home office where my hubby works at night. Hubby can move from room to room carrying this handheld with him so that he can watch the baby.
In this post, I quote the products from Amazon’s website where I often buy stuff with my Prime Membership which provides free two-day shipping. Since I do not have time to go to stores, I love buying things online, especially from Amazon. Nevertheless, I did not buy all the above things on Amazon. Some of them were bought from other websites which I will tell you in coming posts.
I hope that you will find the above products useful and share with me your favorite products too!

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