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On the occasion of Henry, my baby boy, turns 4 months old today, I start this blog named Petite Mom of Florida to share my experience in being a mom, especially a petite one, with moms (and dads) who share the same concerns.

Babies are sweet angels and bundles of joy, yet they could give new moms big challenges. There have been times when I felt so down and thought that I would not be able to overcome the hardship to be a good mom. However, what I can tell you is that THINGS GET BETTER over time. Yes, they really do. Believe that they will and you will be okay.

Besides, there are so many information sources and products out there to share your burdens, but obviously they cannot help you if you do not know about them. When it comes to my baby, I always spend a large amount of time doing research online (this is where my MBA skills become useful) whether it is about breastfeeding or buying a baby carrier that fits an extra petite mom. I have read almost all customer reviews on various baby products to choose the ones that I found best. Therefore, this blog is like a review of reviews to help you save time. I will not talk about the pros and cons of all the play mats out there in the market, but only the one that I have actually bought, used, and found that “It works!” (thought it may not be the most perfect one). At times, I may explain a little bit why I choose this over that based on the reviews and related information that I have found.

As I consider this blog a sharing place, please also share with me your experience and favorite products. All your comments are warmly welcome.

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